The Green Deal

Green Deal
The Green Deal In order to qualify for a Green Deal Grant, you must be a home owner or private tenant (not Council/Housing Association). Someone living in the property must also be in receipt of at least one of these six benefits.
green deal no qualifyEven if you don’t qualify for a Green Deal Grant don’t worry, you will still be entitled to Green Deal Finance. This enables householders to install boilers and heating measures to their homes at no up-front cost. Green Deal Finance is effectively a loan against the property that is recovered by installments deducted from the fuel bill over several years. For more information please call 01642 824114

About the Green Deal

What is the Green deal?

The Green Deal is the new government initiative that is designed to help business and home owners to employ more green technologies in their properties. The idea is simple; install new green technology into your property with no up front costs. You will pay back the costs through your energy bill over a period of time. This is unlike a conventional loan because if you move out of the property the bill stays with the property where the savings are occurring and not with the bill payer.

The “golden rule” of the Green Deal is; the expected financial savings must be equal to or greater than the costs attached
to the energy bill.

Green Deal for Home Owners

The Government is aiming the Green Deal squarely at homeowners and reto fitting as many older type properties as is possible. The biggest winners are going to be the older style properties built prior to the 1920′s. There is a limit of £10,000 for domestic home owners at present. Homeowners will be able to install the following types of green measures;

  • Wall insulation both solid and cavity walls will be covered.The Green Deal
  • Loft insulation
  • Double glazing
  • Door insulation
  • Smart meters

The above measures are aimed at reducing demand on your energy, once these have been installed it will cost you less to heat your home thus cutting your energy bill.

The other types of measures that will be covered by the Green Deal are ‘energy in’ measures these will include:

  • Solar power, both Thermal and Photo Voltaic panels
  • Air and ground source heat pumps
  • Biomass boilers

Green Deal for Tenants

What Can Tenants Expect From The Green Deal?

Tenants can apply for the Green Deal as long as they have the consent of the landlord. The landlord can also apply for the Green deal as long as they have an agreement with the tenant. Because the Green Deal will  benefit both the landlord and the tenant it is hoped that there will be a large take up of the initiative in the private rented sector.

According to the Department of Energy & Climate Change “the private rental sector has the highest proportion of least energy efficient homes – 5.8% of G rated properties compared with 3.4% in owner-occupier.” It appears that this sector has the most to gain both for tenants and for landlords.

Social housing tenants can also benefit from the Geen Deal. Across the country councils are gearing up to take advantage of the low borrowing rates that will be available through the Green Deal. Councils are well versed in larger scale projects to take advantage of the Green Deal and are used to working around occupied properties.

On benefits or Unemployed?

People who are claiming benefits of any sort can still apply for the Green Deal, as long as you are the energy bill payer at the property (i.e. you pay the gas and electricy bill). The first step to applying for the Green Deal will be to contact your landlord, in some cases this will be your local council. As a tenant you are entitled, by law, to apply for the Green Deal with the landlords permission.

For more information call 01642 824114 or visit