Easterside Primary School

The Managing Director
Castle Construction

Dear Colin,

Easterside Primary SchoolI am writing to express our thanks to your company for their involvement in our last two building projects carried here withinour school.  Castle first became known to our school in July 12 when your company won the tender for the second phase of theEarly Years project in the foundation stage area. Castle then went on to win the tender for our next building contract which was theconversion of a classroom into a SEN early years unit in October12, this project involved a total redesign of the teaching and learning area in our special needs unit.

During our time working with Castle Construction you haveoffered professional and practical support to our school, from the second stage of the early years (nursery) area through to the Infant Assessment Base (IAC) special needs unit which we have here at Easterside.  Both projects involved adding extensions to the schoolto accommodate personal care areas, toilet blocks and small kitchens at the same time; completely changing the function ofthese areas of our building, the 2nd project prior to the redesign was basically a standard classroom, which was transformed into a suitable learning environment for children with specific special needs in their early years of education.

Both of these projects brought with them some considerable challenges bearing in mind that our requirements were not only to create exciting and stimulating educational environments in whichour children could develop and progress but also to create aspecifically safe, motivating and inspiring, early years learningatmosphere.

The reason I have put pen to paper is I feel that in comparison with other companies yours has stood well out from other companies we have previously dealt with.  You personally spent aconsiderable amount of time working with myself and our teachers in both settings discussing our combined thoughts, ideas and concerns allowing time to enable solutions to be worked outcreating a way forward around any difficulties.   This extra effort from your company to clarify and sometimes alter certain elementsof the renovation has very much been appreciated and enabled us the client to end up with what we specifically required to suit theprecise needs of these children.

Whilst your company was on site I asked you to become involved with another external scheme, which we were moving forward with, involving the re-creation of our school allotment area involving raised beds, as the typical reliable English weather had destroyed our previous garden. Taking into consideration we are a Green Flag school and our need to work closely within its principles on environment issues you came up with a unique system of draining away the water from this area (a historical problem we have had) to send pipework to an underground well and the with the support of an installed manual hand pump we will be able to water our produce as it grows with our recycled water from the plot, Environment City has informed our school that this is an innovative design, the first system like this in the area.

I would like to convey our gratitude for the extreme professionalsupport your company has offered our school, thanking you for your time and patience you took to understand specific educational demands especially within the last project.  I would be very happy to use your company again on future products as the school knowsyou now understand the restraints set on premises like ours to offer safe learning environments, with the support of your extended team you are able to offer a diverse range of skills which has proven itself as valuable support to our school.
Regards and Thanks
Pauline Pennock
School Business Manger